Essential for
you to know:
practical examples.

Company succession in a family business

After the death of his father, a young entrepreneur became managing director overnight. The company, which was run by the third generation, was in a state of existential collapse. The company was not only saved by consulting and coaching the young entrepreneur. The reorientation of sales and the repositioning of the company led to economic success – to this day.

”I was skeptical at first, but it soon became clear that I had made the right decision.“

— Dipl.-Kfm. Dr. Hendrik Hippe, Managing director 
Friedrich Hippe Maschinenfabrik + Gerätebau GmbH

New markets and product development

A well-known company for mechanical engineering in Hagen had set itself the goal of opening up new markets for its sugar production machines. I set the course for this in Russia, among other places. Even more: In cooperation with the design department, we developed a universal machine from three glass manufacturing processes. It was immediately sold to various leading glass manufacturers in Europe.

Economically sustainable solution

A sizeable Japanese tire manufacturer demanded a creative and economical solution in handling its old rubber presses. With the functional reconstruction of the press, the successful new use was achieved. From then on, the press produced conveyor belts for coal mining.

Success through intercultural competence

A large American corporation took over a well know German machine tool manufacturer and intended to enter new business with a leading European automobile manufacturers. The problem: Due to the previous, failed acquisition efforts, there was internal skepticism: Is it worth applying again for a significant project? Yes! Thanks to my intercultural mediation work between the American shareholder and the German workforce, Pittler GmbH not only won the contract. We also became a significant supplier to the automobile manufacturer.

Development of new markets

As a representative of a leading German plant manufacturer for building materials,  I attended a conference for building materials in Spokane, Idaho. A discussion with a member of the US Department of Building and Construction who was interested in fiber cement products as an alternative to wood products took place. I introduced him to the machines needed to manufacture it. We stayed in touch and sold three of our plants to an American building material manufacturer.

Own participation

I am a partner in a medium-sized engineering company. This participation took place after years of trustworthy consulting work for them.

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