The focus of business development worldwide of Commerzielle Union lies in the following areas:

  • Machines and plants for food-, pharma-, cosmetic-, packaging-, paper- and printing industry
  • Machines and plants for the sugar- and glass industry as well as filtration
  • Turn key plants for the extraction of oils, fats and proteins
  • Hydraulic hammers and tools for the construction and mining industry
  • Gypsum fibre- or fibre cement plants for the building industry and rubber presses
  • Machine tools
  • Rolling stock and infrastructure equipment for the railroad industry


For confidentiality reasons, references can be supplied on request.

Sales “hands on”

For a limited period of time I would join your company and help you solve the problems in your sales and business development departments – “hands on” for both overseas and local markets.

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Virtual company

Bottlenecks in every department of your company create unnecessary cost. In order to avoid and solve such problems, the Commerzielle Union offers to you a trustworthy and competent network of companies and individuals.

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Manage your market entry in Europe

I am the bridgehead to Germany/Europe for medium size and small machine/component manufacturers including:

  • Having a focus point for the principle and  European customers to call on 
  • Market analysis
  • Customer analysis 
  • Finding/screening/setting up distribution channels
  • Searching/finding suitable staff 
  • Calling on customers to follow up projects/fairs etc.
  • Business development in general
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