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You know these questions: How to increase our export sales? Who can open new markets for us?  Why is the order intake for our new machine so low? Shall we look for a new representative? How do we expand our service activities?

In most cases, the unsatisfactory answer is a lack of skilled and experienced people in-house. Commerzielle Union can help your team with competent and reliable support resulting from 30 years of experience in international sales.


For confidentiality reasons, references can be supplied on request.

Since 2003
independent management consultant in international sales

establishment and newly structuring of sales force world wide
implementing of controlling systems in sales organization
Sales “hands on”
opening of new markets
introduction of new products
revitalization of lost markets and out of date products
acting as agent for foreign companies in Germany and Europe
individual coaching
intercultural awareness


Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau AG, Dessau

Member of the Board, Sales/Marketing for railway vehicles/components
structuring and extending sales activities to Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia


PCC Pittler GmbH, Langen

Vice President Sales/Marketing for turning machines
start-up and structuring of sales department incl. service department for Germany, Europe and East Asia


G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co., Krefeld

Vice President Sales/Marketing worldwide for manufacturing plants for building materials
Vice President Sales/Marketing worldwide for vulcanizing presses for rubber products


Krupp Maschinentechnik GmbH, Essen

General Manager Sales/Marketing for extraction plants for oils, fats and proteins
General Manager Sales/Marketing for hydraulic hammers and tools for construction and mining industry


H. Putsch GmbH & Comp., Hagen

Assistant to the Owner/President
General Manager Sales/Marketing for machinery for glass manufacturing
General Manager Sales/Marketing for filter equipment


C.Illies & Co., Hamburg

Trading house for investment goods to East Asia incl. 5 years stationed in USA and Taiwan

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